Kelly Berry is a former teacher and preschool director where she was often known as the “pink lady” because of her love of all things pink! Kelly was sometimes known to ask the thumb suckers in her classroom if their thumbs tasted like chocolate and the idea for The Tasty Thumb was born! Her first book, Sugar Pie’s Shoes, was written in loving memory of her sweet, southern momma who was the original, “Miss Gwendolyn”.

It’s her heart’s desire for little ones everywhere to know that God has a plan and a purpose for each one of them.  Kelly and her husband have raised their two boys in Nashville, Tennessee.

Kelly’s volunteer experience at a Nashville inner-city elementary school is at the heart of her and her husband’s decision to donate all of her books sale profits to literacy projects and ministries.  Her years spent as a teacher also made another deep impression on her heart. Kelly’s teaching experience helped her to realize that learning how to read can have a life-changing impact on a child’s future.

"But you're gonna have to trust in those wings He's given you."

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