Sugar Pie's Shoes

GOD is the Gift-Giver, and Sugar Pie’s Shoes is a fanciful story about God’s funny way of giving every newborn baby a unique blessing. All Kissin’ Cows are required to undergo training with a sweet, southern cow named Miss Gwendolyn.

Sugar Pie is a cow whose dream of becoming one of God’s Kissin’ Cows is delayed because of her unusually large feet. She decides her big feet won’t get in the way of her becoming one of God’s Kissin’ Cows. She overcomes her frustration with ingenuity and lots of practice. Along the way, Sugar Pie realizes she can trust in God’s provision.

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The Tasty Thumb

The Tasty Thumb by Kelly Berry


Kicking the tasty-thumb habit can be tough for kids. And Kathryn’s experience is no exception. Her tasty thumb has helped her in some ways that even surprise her mama! But when Kathryn’s dentist says she has to stop, will she find a solution to her thumb-sucking problem?

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